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Niftylift Cherry Pickers

Niftylift Access Platforms

Niftylift is one of the largest manufacturers of cherry picker, boom lift, access platform, lift platform, aerial platform and work platforms in Europe. They specialise in compact, low weight articulating booms that offer maximum performance with minimal environmental impact.

Trailer Mounted Platforms 


Self Drive Access Platforms

Niftylift Trailer Mounted Access Platforms   Niftylift Self Drive Access Platforms
Nifty 120 - Nifty 120T - Nifty 150T Nifty SD120T - Nifty SD170 4x4
Nifty 170 - Nifty 210 Nifty SD210 4x4x4

Self Propelled Articulated Platforms

Niftylift Self Propelled Articulated Platforms
HR12N - HR12 4x4 - HR15N - HR15 4x4
HR17N - HR17 4x4 - HR21 2x4 - HR21 4x4
HR21 Hybrid - HR28 Hybrid

Track Drive Access Platforms

Static Base Access Platform

Niftylift Track Drive Access Platform Niftylift Static Base Access Platform
TD120T - TD150T DR15